Kacey Hill

Paralegal and Client Services Director

Like many opportunities in life, the chance for Kacey to work at Law Mom was serendipitous, and she is thrilled to be here. With her background in retail banking, Kacey has seen the aftermath of improper planning and is happy to be able to help families achieve a different outcome.

Kacey holds a bachelor of science in biology from UMass Lowell and worked in a customer service capacity for 16 years before joining Law Mom. She lives in Haverhill, MA, with her fiance, Chris, and 2 rescue mutts Wyatt and Celia.

In her spare time, Kacey usually does one of the following: running, browsing a thrift store, or snuggling on the couch with her dogs.

About the author

Attorney Sam Allen

I opened Law Mom® because I know firsthand how crucial wealth and guardianship planning is for families. In 2019 after the birth of my first son, I almost lost my life. And I didn’t have a plan in place to protect him if the worst happened. Thankfully I was given a second chance, and now I’m passionate about helping families like yours provide a secure future for their children and the next generation.

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