Lanni Marchant

Junior Attorney/Case Evaluation Specialist

Lanni grew up in London, Ontario, Canada, and as one of seven children, she understands complex family dynamics, making her the perfect professional to meet with on our team to help you get clear on your needs, and how you can protect your family, money, and loved ones. Originally a figure skater, Lanni was always inquisitive and often made to run laps of the parking lot as punishment for challenging the status quo. Her inquisitive nature makes her approachable, empathetic and understanding. However, Lanni also turned those punishment miles into running for Canada at the 2016 Olympics. Lanni is the only Canadian Olympian to compete in both the 10,000m and marathon at one Olympic games, honing her work ethic and determination.

Lanni’s journey seamlessly encompasses law, athletics, advocacy, sales, and sports advocacy. With dual law degrees from Canada and the United States, including admission to the Tennessee Bar and the Federal Bar of the Eastern Circuit, Lanni’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is unparalleled.

As a Canadian Olympian and professional runner, Lanni’s track achievements are matched by her off-field impact. Testifying twice before the Canadian Parliament on the systemic maltreatment of national team athletes, and serving as a board member on the Sports Dispute Resolution Center of Canada, she’s a determined advocate and she brings that same vigour here at Law Mom. Her graduation from Michigan State College of Law solidifies her expertise.

About the author

Attorney Sam Allen

I opened Law Mom® because I know firsthand how crucial wealth and guardianship planning is for families. In 2019 after the birth of my first son, I almost lost my life. And I didn’t have a plan in place to protect him if the worst happened. Thankfully I was given a second chance, and now I’m passionate about helping families like yours provide a secure future for their children and the next generation.

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