Mel McAleer

Client Concierge

After graduating from Nichols College, Mel was eager to work within a company that genuinely cares about its clients and employees. Mel studied General Business with a focus on finance, accounting, and management, which taught her that many people don’t understand how their money could work for them. She felt that the same applied to Estate Planning and was excited to be a part of a team that values education and understanding on this overwhelming topic.

When Mel is not at the office, she is most likely at the rink, either coaching ice hockey to youth age groups or getting back on the ice herself.

About the author

Attorney Sam Allen

I opened Law Mom® because I know firsthand how crucial wealth and guardianship planning is for families. In 2019 after the birth of my first son, I almost lost my life. And I didn’t have a plan in place to protect him if the worst happened. Thankfully I was given a second chance, and now I’m passionate about helping families like yours provide a secure future for their children and the next generation.

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