Rocío Balduzzi Baeza

Legal Assistant

Born in the vibrant landscapes of Argentina, Rocío is a passionate individual with a flair for language and a heart for diverse cultures. As a proud holder of a degree in Public Sworn Translation, Rocio has dedicated herself to breaking down linguistic barriers and fostering communication across borders.

Beyond her linguistic pursuits, Rocio is a devoted dog lover. In her free time, you can often find her strolling through the mountains with a canine friend by her side.

An artisan at heart, Rocio has a unique talent for turning yarn into beautiful creations. Knitting serves as both a creative outlet and a therapeutic activity, allowing her to weave intricate patterns while unraveling the complexities of the day.

Rocio’s zest for life and life’s purpose brings humanity and creativity to Estate Planning.

About the author

Attorney Sam Allen

I opened Law Mom® because I know firsthand how crucial wealth and guardianship planning is for families. In 2019 after the birth of my first son, I almost lost my life. And I didn’t have a plan in place to protect him if the worst happened. Thankfully I was given a second chance, and now I’m passionate about helping families like yours provide a secure future for their children and the next generation.

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